Contoh-Contoh Soal TOEFL tentang Klausa Nomina

Klausa Nomina – Pada postingan kali ini, Admin akan membagikan contoh-contoh soal TOEFL tentang klausa nomina. Berikut ini adalah contoh-contoh soal TOEFL tentang klausa nomina dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Rekomendasi: Contoh-Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Kalimat Verbal dan Nominal

Contoh soal multiple choice

1. Geologist can not accurately predict….. Mount of Ciremai will erupt again.
    a. Which
    b. That
    c. Are
    d. Are that
2. A Washinton researcher claims….. He has developed a test for early symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
    a. Which
    b. That
    c. Are
    d. Are that
3. Many newspaper printed the governor’s statement….. would support a tax cute.
    a. During
    b. That he
    c. It was in
    d. Was that he
4. …..possible scientists will someday release the energy stored in water. 
    a. That is
    b. It is
    c. To be
    d. That it is
5. Usually a bird species gains public recognition….. faces the danger of extinction.
    a. Only when
    b. Which only
    c. Only when it
    d. Which only it
6. It was in 1901….. Theodore Roosevelt became president of the United States.
    a. That
    b. And
    c. Which
    d. When
7. ….. said under oath was disputed by several other witness.
    a. Is it the man
    b. What the man
    c. The man has
    d. That the man
8. It was Albert Einstein who developed the theory….. relativity.
    a. Of
    b. Is
    c. That
    d. And
9. Why….. at given time is not known.
    a. Does a drought occur
    b. A drought should occur
    c. A drought that occur
    d. It is a drought that
10. It is believe….. occur after rock starata break and before they settle into a new position.
    a. That earthquakes
    b. To be earthquakes
    c. earthquakes which
    d. earthquakes that

11. Ethics is a branch of philosophy….. with moral principles.
    a. Is concerned
    b. Whose concerned
    c. Who concerned
    d. Which is concerned

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