Contoh-Contoh Soal TOEFL tentang Klausa Adjektiva

Klausa Adjektiva – Pada postingan kali ini, Admin akan membagikan contoh-contoh soal TOEFL tentang klausa adjektiva. Berikut ini adalah contoh-contoh soal TOEFL tentang klausa adjektiva dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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Contoh soal multiple choice

1. The bulls form extremely complicated allegiances and….. continually change.
    a. Enmities that are
    b. Enmities that
    c. That enmities
    d. That are enmities
2. Scientists are now beginning to conduct experiment on….. trigger different sorts of health risks.
    a. How noise pollution
    b. Noise pollution can
    c. That noise pollution
    d. How noise pollution can
3. The Appolo 11 astronauts….. of the earth’s inhibitant witnessed on the famous first moon walk on July 20,1969, were Neil Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
    a. Were some
    b. Whom
    c. Whom millions
    d. Whom some were
4. ….. have at least four hours of hardous materials response training are mandated by federal law.
    a. All police officers
    b. That all police officers
    c. All police officers must
    d. For all police officers
5. At the end of nineteenth century, Alfred Binet developed a test for measuring intelligence….. served as the basis of modern IQ tests.
    a. And
    b. Has
    c. It has
    d. Which has
6. A cloud’s reservoir of negative charge extends upward from the attitude at….. the freexing point.
    a. Which tempretures hit
    b. Tempretures hit
    c. Hit tempretures
    d. Which hit tempretures
7. ….. will be carried out in the next space shuttle payoad has not yet been announced to the public.
    a. When
    b. It
    c. What
    d. That
8. In a 1988 advanced officers’ training program, Sampson developed a plan to incorporate police in enforcing environmental protection laws whenever….. feasible. 
    a. Has
    b. It is
    c. Is
    d. It has
9. The fact….. the most important ratings period is about to begin has caused all three neworks to shore up their schedules.
    a. Is that
    b. That
    c. What
    d. Of
10. During free fall,….. up to a full minute, a skydriver will fall at aconstant speed of 120 m.p.h.
    a. It is
    b. Being
    c. Which is
    d. Is
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