Contoh-Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Kalimat Verbal dan Nominal

Kalimat Verbal – Pada postingan kali ini, Admin akan membagikan contoh-contoh soal tentang kalimat verbal dan nominal dalam Bahasa Inggris. Berikut ini adalah contoh-contoh soal Bahasa Inggris tentang kalimat verbal dan nominal.

Choose one word that is true!

1. Neither the education library nor the math library….. the books that the lecturer recommended. (have, has, having)
2. Restricted ownership and enforced registration….. two major approaches to handgun legislation. (are, is, am)
3. Nobody in this group of contenders….. a chance of beating the current speed record. (stand, stands, standing)
4. A blue and green car….. parked outside the building. (is, are)

5. There….. no doubt in anyone’s mind about the guilt of defendants. (was, were)

6. Every success and failure….. to an individual’s growth and maturity. (contributes, contribute)

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7. Sounds and sense….. writes for college students just beginning serious study of peotry. (was, were)

8. It is still the woen who….. the burden of household chores. (bears, bear)

9. The news on the local radio stations as well as newspaper accounts….. that the prison riot was serious. (confirms, comfirm)

10. A family of mockingbirds….. in the tree every spring. (nest, nests)

11. Neither all of the cookies nor all of the fruit….. been eaten yet. (has, have)

12. Unlike American who seem to prefer coffel, the English….. a great deal of tea. (drinks, drink)

13. Outside the door….. several rosebushes. (stands, stand)

14. To a do it yourself handyman, a pair of pliers….. very useful. (is, are)

15. Everything, including the clothes in the closets,….. stolen from the apartment. (was, were)

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16. The number of days of vacation provided to university employers….. constant from year to year. (remains, remain)

17. In their statement to the press, the committee….. expressing several surprising viewpoints. (is, are)

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18. For intermediate level students, steps in composition….. useful reading and writing exercise.  (provides, provide)

19. Despite the development of a vaccine, measles….. still a serious danger to adult victim. (is, are)

20. Statistics as well as course in research methodology….. required of all doctoral candidates. (is, are)

Dari 20 contoh soal di atas, Anda juga bisa menemukannya di dalam tes TOEFL yang akan Anda hadapi. Semoga 20 contoh soal di atas bisa bermanfaat bagi Anda semua!

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